Sarah Guppy and Bathurst Basin

Stencil from Brunel’s portrait of Guppy. Source

On Saturday 31st August, M Shed and Bristol Women’s Voice are celebrating Bristol’s Women in Trade. As part of this celebration, Show of Strength Theatre Company is organising an historical walk ‘led by’ Sarah Guppy, the nineteenth century engineer and inventor. The walk is  curated by Sheila Hannon and features Kim Hicks as Sarah Guppy. It will include a pause at Bathurst Basin, where she will talk about the bridge over the New Cut that collapsed during construction.

Sarah Guppy was the first woman to patent a bridge, in Bristol in 1811. And her work and achievements are now being recognised.  Information about Women In Trade can be found though the links below and you can sign up for the 3pm walk at the event on the day.