Paco Tapas pavement service

Paco Tapas restaurant is seeking formal permission for a pavement licence, allowing them to serve food and alcohol until 11pm every day  at tables outside the restaurant on Lower Guinea Street.  The application is linked to Premises Licence Number No.  15/07423/PREM. This licence has conditions attached after a hearing by the licensing authority held on 21st April 2016. The conditions include: Read more “Paco Tapas pavement service”

Reed Bed: update Nov 2020

Reed beds installed by AquaScience at Hengrove Swimming Lake

It is many months since a reed bed in Bathurst Basin was last mooted and we are now very close to its installation. There are just a couple of items of paperwork outstanding.

Reed beds (and kingfisher perches) in Bathurst Basin were first suggested in Bristol City Council’s 2009 biodiversity report (PDF). In February 2020, Bristol City Council was the first council to declare an ecological emergency. So it is a good time to install a reed bed. Read more “Reed Bed: update Nov 2020”

Water quality testing

Bristol City Council testing of water quality in the Floating Harbour was suspended with the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020. Following enquiries by Friends of Bathurst Basin, testing water quality had been resumed in Bathurst Basin in August 2019 after a seven-year period without tests. Floating Harbour testing was resumed on 7th July 2020, but not for Bathurst Basin. Read more “Water quality testing”