New Cut bank movement

The deteriorating condition of the banks of the Avon New Cut have been of concern for some time. Since January 2020, one lane of Cumberland Road has been closed because of the unexpected collapse of a section of the northern bank of the New Cut. This follows the closure of Chocolate Path because of similar New Cut bank instability.  A section of the New Cut wall closer to Bathurst Basin is now showing signs of movement – as indicated in our image. If this section collapses, the effects on traffic movement into the city could be very serious. Read more “New Cut bank movement”

Pavement licence for Casamia?

Casamia have applied for permission to serve food and alcohol on the pavement outside their premises. Under the Government COVID-recovery roadmap, restaurants can open for outdoor service from 12th April. Indoor service will not be allowed before 17th May at the earliest. Restaurants and pubs are anxious to resume business as soon as possible and outdoor service is clearly the way forward. It will be good to welcome back Bathurst Basin restaurants and pubs after such a long spell of lockdown. Read more “Pavement licence for Casamia?”