Plans for 96-metre long jetty on the New Cut thrown out by Bristol City Council

Bristol Post
8th April 2020


Bristol CIty Council’s £1.4m ‘ransom’ barge payment to go ahead

BBC News
24th July 2019


Bristol Council to pay £1.4m boat ‘ransom’ for development.

BBC News
9th July 2019



Image courtesy of B24/7

Petition opposes Ebenhaezer barge move to Bathurst Basin.

10th July 2019

Photo from Bristol Post article



Council spends £1.4m on barge in way of restaurant development

Bristol Post
8th July 2019



Three new harbourside restaurants coming to Bristol but houseboat eviction could ‘harm human rights’

Bristol Post
18th May 2018


Photo from Bristol Post article

Future of Bristol barge in doubt as developers and residents clash over new location

Bristol Post
12th March 2018



Bathurst Basin bridge brings the local community together

16th February 2018