Bathurst Basin bridges

Click for a closer view of the three Bathurst Basin bridges.

There are three Bathurst Basin bridges connecting Spike Island to the ‘mainland’ of Bristol and all three feature in a challenging walk designed around Bristol’s bridges.

Bristol has 45 bridges that span the main waterways of the city which can be crossed on foot. ‘Is it possible to walk across all of them without crossing the same bridge twice?’ This is the 300-year-old ‘Konigsberg Bridge’ problem in mathematics, so-called because it was first asked in the city of Konigsberg around the year 1700. For Bristol the answer is, currently, yes, as explained by Jeff Lucas and Thilo Gross in their recent book, From Brycgstow to Bristol in 45 Bridges. Details of their solution to the Konigsberg Bridge problem are also published on this Bristol Civic Society webpage

On 9th October, Bristol Giving Day challenged us to complete as many of the City’s 45 bridges, donating £1 for each bridge crossed, helping to raise £45,000 to support 45 local organisations. The following link has details of how much has been raised to date.