John Sebastian going red

On the evening of the 6th July you may have wondered why the John Sebastian was redder than usual. Briony Pope informed us that this was because they were taking part in the national  #LightItInRed campaign. 

Since early March, Cabot Cruising Club and the Lightship Theatre have been without income from any events, due to the COVID-19 crisis, and still all parties, plays, gigs etc are prohibited. Read more “John Sebastian going red”

Torque Training

Brothers Ant and Nick Fenton-Wells and Tom Luke have set up Torque Training on Lower Guinea Street. Unable to open because of lockdown rules, they are currently offering outdoor Personal Training (1-2-1) but  their main offering is Small Group Personal Training (pictured) – one coach to four or five clients. Each client gets a bespoke programme with the added bonus of getting to train within a group. The lockdown rules permit training outside where social distancing is possible.

Footbridge access

A Bristol City Council website has been set up ‘to capture requests for walking and cycling improvements during this COVID19 pandemic.’ One submission proposed the following change of access to the Ostrich footbridge:

The connection to the footbridge from Guinea St is very poor. Remove the steps and create a straightforward path to the bridge to avoid tight angle turns and adverse camber. Would be much better for wheelchairs, cycles, and people walking.

Read more “Footbridge access”