Shakespeare Undone!

Click for larger map of route.

The Natural Theatre Company will be performing Shakespeare Undone! as part of the Bristol Shakespeare Festival on the 30th, 31st of July and 1st, 6th, 7th and 8th of August.

It’s a walkabout show, performed around the Harbourside, starting at the M Shed, and the performers will be using the alleyways around Merchants Landing for access to the performance area. Read more “Shakespeare Undone!”

‘Knot the Bristol Harbour Festival’ Party

Cabot Cruising Club (CCC) held their annual Pontoon Party, renamed this year because of the cancellation of the Bristol Harbour Festival. It was originally planned to be aboard the John Sebastian, but because of the continued lockdown, the Club annual event was held in the open air on the pontoons, boats and small table groups, maintaining social distancing. Read more “‘Knot the Bristol Harbour Festival’ Party”

Bristol Harbour Review

The Bristol Harbour Review is currently in its operational phase, aiming to adopt the national best practice across a number of ‘work streams’, including the finances of running the Harbour. According to the Bristol Post, the City Council spent £1.60 million maintaining the Harbour in 2017/18, but recouped only £1.19 million from mooring fees and other charges. The Harbour is not financially viable. Read more “Bristol Harbour Review”